Although contingency hiring offers its own unique benefits it can be very expensive, time consuming and It will limit companies ability for growth and profitability in the long run.
With start-ups whether they are well funded or working on a small budget, contingency recruitment can become very expensive and high risk even for those with plan to grow and scale their teams.
In-house recruitment can help, but it is not a complete solution, especially for companies with multi-discipline teams. We have a number of solutions for our clients that are tailored for their short and long term needs. We help your company to grow and we do that in a manner that will be both time and cost effective, as well as helping you implement long term plans and get the most out of you and your employees time. We will save each one of your trusted employees (Hiring managers) a lot of time in their search, filter and interviewing of candidates so they can be doing the job you hire them to do in the first place.